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This CD has all the original, digitally re-mastered 14 songs from the very first "Athens Hometown Album" produced in 1980 in Athens, Ohio by LRS Recording Studio, including the Official Athens County Song by J.D. Jewell: "My Home Close to Heaven, Athens County."
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the album:

1. J.D. Jewell: "Athens County, My Home Close to Heaven"
2. The Expanding Band: "Hobo Joe"
3. A Touch of Grass: "It's Just No Good Anymore"
4. J.D. Jewell: "Darling of the Hippies"

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The Boss Groover

J.D. Jewell
"Athens County, My Home Close to Heaven"
"Darling of the Hippies"
"Dyeing My White Shirt Red"

A Touch of Grass
"It's Just No Good Anymore"
"Bill Cheatum"

Hobson's Choice
"Bunker Hill"
"The Cuckoo"

The Expanding Band
"Blues For Dixie"
"Hobo Joe"

Terry McCauley
"Achin' For Some Pain"

Diane Andolsek
"World Of Insanity"

Jeannie Jeffers
"Feelings That Have Died"

Doug Lovelace
"Summer Of Our Young Lives"

Scott Minar
"Carolina Knows"

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