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Our Clients

150+ Clients . . . 1,500+ Videos


AB Airbags, Carlsbad, CA (2 Videos)

Alchemy Advisors, San Diego, CA

Austin Bridge & Road, Austin Commercial, Irving, TX (3 Videos)

Batteries + Bulbs, Hartland, WI

Beacon Chest Seal, Temecula, CA

Bicycle Land Speed Record-Denise Meuller & John Howard, Encinitas, CA 

Blackwood Industries, San Diego, CA

Brinks Services, San Diego, CA       

BSM University, San Diego, CA (28 Videos)

BSM Vault, Denver, CO (141 Videos)

Bungalow Yoga & Spa, San Diego, CA

Cassida, San Diego, CA (2 Videos)

Cerenetex, Newport Beach, CA (7 Videos)

Chaos Over, San Diego, CA (10 Videos)

Chicken of the Sea, El Sequndo, CA (11 Videos)

Chuck Bauer Business Sales and Marketing, Denver, CO (10 Videos)

Concept Development Inc., Irvine, CA

Curtis Lawson, San Diego, CA

Danik Hook, Pomona, CA (2 Videos)

Eddie Osterland, America's 1st Master Sommelier, La Jolla, CA

Electronic Commerce, Orlando FL (2 Videos)

Empire Publishing Group, Holtsville NY

fizzique, Carlsbad, CA

Forbidden Science, Redlands CA (4 Videos)

GoodThink, Carlsbad, CA (25 Videos)

iCampSavvy, San Marcos, CA

IEBC and Cal-PASS, San Diego, CA

Illumination Wealth, La Jolla, CA (2 Videos)

IncrediFlix Animation Camps, Los Angeles, CA

Infinitee Travel Network, Carlsbad, CA

Insureon-Peachjar, San Diego, CA

Invincible Wealth, San Diego, CA (2 Videos)

IVID Communications, San Diego, CA

Jerry Foxworth, Encinitas, CA

Joe Kovarik, Vandergrift, PA

Joe Nalven, Poway, CA

John Dumas, San Diego, CA

John Howard Performance Sports, Encinitas, CA

Karl Anthony, San Diego, CA Johnson, Carlsbad, CA  (3 Videos)

LaserCap, Cleveland, OH (32 Videos)

Lucre Octet Records, Oceanside, CA

Mainstream Source, Encinitas, CA (100's of Videos)

Man 1 Bank 0, Carlsbad, CA  (5 Videos)

Matt Britton Ventures, New York, NY

Miner111, San Diego, CA

My Criminal Defense, San Diego, CA (16 Videos)

Norstar Marketing Group, Vista, CA (8 Videos)

OnDeck, New York, NY

One Productions, Carlsbad, CA

Ovation Earprompter, San Diego, CA

Park Avenue Hair Solutions, New York, NY (2 Videos)

Pro Tech Mats Industries, Inc., Thousand Palms, CA (2 Videos)

Rancho Santa Fe Security Systems, Encinitas, CA

RMV Technology Group LLC, Moffett Field, CA

Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA

SelfHelpWorks, San Diego, CA (57 Videos)

Solution Alliance Group LLC, La Mesa, CA

Stowell Learning Centers, Laguna Hills, CA (27 Videos)

Tape Clip, Encinitas CA

The Beautiful Old, Carlsbad, CA (3 Videos)

The Big Picture Partners, Ann Arbor, MI (6 Videos)

The Clay Company, San Diego, CA

The Evolved Masculine, Carlsbad, CA (33 Videos)

The Upper Deck Company, Carlsbad, CA

Thinque Media LLC, Monique Soltani, Solana Beach, CA (2 Videos)

Tristone Cinemas, Palm Desert CA

UCSD Visual Media Group, San Diego, CA (3 Videos)

UGG Boot Inventor, San Diego, CA

Wealth Masters, Sugar Land, TX

90 Day Sales Manager, Denver, CO (11 Videos)



Allen & Rosa-Market Real Estate, San Diego, CA (20 Videos)

Chess Moves Consultants, Temecula, CA

CK Real Estate Group, San Diego, CA (8 Videos)

Coldwell Banker Residential, Denver, CO (16 Videos)

DeLux Denver Properties, Denver, CO (19 Videos)

EXIT Realty Island Elite, Long Island, NY (10 Videos)

Keller Williams Legendary, Long Island, NY (5 Videos)

Keller Williams Luxury International, Long Island, NY (5 Videos)

Keller Williams Points North, Long Island, NY (10 Videos)

La Rosa Realty New York, Long Island, NY (47 Videos)

Mission Properties, Long Island, NY (6 Videos)

Ray Bahadori Group, Carlsbad, CA (2 Videos)

RealEthos Team, Denver, CO (31 Videos)

Remax Estate Properties, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

RINO Insurance Group, Denver, CO (27 Videos)

Ryan Grant Team, Laguna Hills, CA

Skip Barbour Real Estate Group, La Costa, CA

Team Real Estate Nate, Stevenson Ranch, CA (41 Videos)

The Gale Team-Nova Home Loans, Scottsdale, AZ (2 Videos)

The Joey Abdullah Lending Team, Denver, CO (52 Videos)

Truman Real Estate, Seattle, WA (3 Videos)

Valentine Dream Homes Group, Temecula, CA (35 Videos)



Bluefire Mortgage Group, San Diego, CA (62 Videos)

CrossCountry Mortgage, Denver, CO (63 Videos)

CrossCountry Mortgage, San Diego, CA (62 Videos)

Elevations Credit Union, Denver, CO (52 Videos)

New American Funding, La Jolla, CA (60 Videos)

Point Mortgage, Chula Vista, CA (45 Videos)

Russell Capital Group, Long Island, NY (71 Videos)

Wallick & Volk Mortgage Bank, Seattle, WA (12 Videos)



ABIOMED, Danvers, MA

ConnectMed, Encinitas, CA

Foundation for Children of the Californias, San Diego, CA (4 Videos)

Grossmont Healthcare District, La Mesa, CA (13 Videos)

Hanabusa IVF, Japan, China and San Diego, CA (14 Videos)

Healthcasts, New York, NY

Homecare Marketing, Manalapan, NJ

In Hindsight, San Diego, CA

In2Bones, Memphis, TN & France (9 Videos)

OncoSec, Pennington, NJ (2 Videos)

ThyroSisters, Del Mar, CA (23 Videos)



Casa de Amparo, Oceanside, CA (5 Videos)

City Heights Community Development Corporation, San Diego, CA (2 Videos)

Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, Encinitas, CA

Kid Angel Foundation, San Diego, CA

KidsPeace, Orefield, PA (3 Videos)

National Athletics Trainers Association - Kobe Bryant Interview, Irvine, CA

North American Science Association, Irvine, CA

Rebuilding Together San Diego, San Diego, CA

San Diego Association of Realtors, San Diego, CA

The San Diego Regional Fire Foundation, San Diego, CA

Volunteers In Medicine, El Cajon, CA (5 Videos)

Welcome Back Centers, Chula Vista, CA



Bridgepoint Education, San Diego, CA (25 Videos)

Kids Included Together, San Diego, CA (2 Videos)

The Bishop's School, La Jolla, CA

The Grauer School, Encinitas, CA (36 Videos)

Water Operators Association, Ontario, CA (23 Videos)


Association of California Healthcare Districts, Rancho Cordova, CA

Grossmont Healthcare District, La Mesa, CA (13 Videos)

La Mesa Healthcare Center, La Mesa, CA

St. Madeleine Sophie's Center, El Cajon, CA (3 Videos)

UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic Project, San Diego, CA (6 Videos)



Biogen IDEC, San Diego, CA (4 Videos)

Celgene, Summit, NJ

Elan Pharmaceuticals, La Jolla, CA (2 Videos)



The National WWII Museum, New Orleans, LA

In the Line of Duty, Saint Louis, MO

Iwo Jima Monument West, Corona del Mar, CA


ANAE Annual Conference, Lawrenceville, GA

BlissTalks, Gilroy, CA (4 Videos)

Carlsbad Dance Images, Carlsbad, CA (6 Videos)

Evolution Dance Center, Carlsbad, CA

Group to Team Leadership Solutions, Los Angeles, CA

Leading Response, Tampa, FL

Oceanside Theatre Company, Oceanside, CA

Ovation Theatre, Encinitas, CA (19 Videos)

Patio Playhouse, Escondido, CA

RCS Harmony Partners, LLC Planning Meeting, San Diego, CA

Reilly Sales Training, Chesterfield, MO

San Diego Follies, San Diego, CA

San Marcos Players, San Marcos, CA (5 Videos)

Santa Fe Christian Schools, Solana Beach, CA (8 Videos)

The HighWayMan Show at the Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA



Foothills United Methodist Church, El Cajon, CA​

Logos Ministries, San Diego, CA (29 Videos)

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Encintas, CA (2 Videos)

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