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"Traveling Surgical Tool Demonstration"

Aimee Genzler, Director, Corporate Communications, ABIOMED, Inc., Danvers, MA

ABIOMED is a leading medical surgical equipment manufacturer. I traveled to Loma Linda, CA to film inside their traveling product demonstration semi, and then edit this promo. It is like another world inside this semi trailer! demonstrating how impressive is Impella as a key tool used during open heart surgery.

Grossmont Healthcare District

"Healthcare Heroes Awards Luncheon"

Erica Salcuni, MPH, Director of Programs and Outreach,

Grossmont Healthcare District, La Mesa,  CA

In 2003 I scripted, filmed and edited Grossmont Healthcare District's "Who We Are And What We Do" video. In 2006 they asked me to create and produce their first "Healthcare Heroes Luncheon Awards" video, and it turned into a total of 12 yearly "Healthcare Heroes Luncheon Awards" videos! This is 2018 luncheon awards video.

Hanabusa IVF

"Product Announcement in Beijing, China"

Peter Fuzesi, COO, Hanabusa IVF, Japan, China & San Diego, CA

Hanabusa IVF is a Japanese IVF fertility company. Many Japanese and Chinese women who choose Hanabusa IVF travel to Hanabusa IVF's San Diego clinic for the procedure. I scripted, filmed and edited this new promo video for Hanabusa IVF in both English and Mandarin. I've since produced several more "explainer" videos for Hanabusa IVF,

OncoSec GenPulse

"Medical Product Introduction and Use"

Greg Swindasz, Director, Corporate Communications Coordinator, OncoSec Medical, Pennington, NJ

OncoSec is a medical equipment invention and manufacturing company based in Pennington, NJ. This is one of several videos I filmed and edited to show how this device works and how easy it is to use.


"Hyperthyroid Issues"

Dr. Joni Labbe, Clinical Nutritionist & Founder, ThyroSisters, San Diego, CA

Dr. Labbe works with woman around the country who are suffering from unidentified thyroid issues, and works closely with them to resolve those issues. In 2017 Dr. Labbe had me produce 5 ThyroSisters information videos. She and I just completed writing and editing a new a full-length information and marketing script, I filmed her, and am editing this new video right now!

In2Bones Bone Graph Harvester

"Corporate Meeting Product Announcement"

Jon Simon, Corporate Headquarters, Memphis, TN & Ecully, FR

In2Bones is based in France, with their corporate headquarters in the U.S. For the past few years I've created their new product announcement videos like this one for their yearly conferences.

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