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Kids Included Together

"Demonstrating the Six Steps of De-Escalation"

Tammy Bailey, Chief Marketing Officer, Kit, San Diego, CA

Kids Included Together (KIT), is a leading national educational conflict resolution training company based in San Diego. I've filmed and edited several videos with KIT, this one being a training video on how to de-escalate a potentially volatile classroom situation. I filmed this entire video handheld in less than three hours!

Water Operators Association

"Water Treatment Review" Online Training

Bret Kadel, President, Water Operators Association, Ontario, CA

Brett is the manager of a major S. CA water district. He's also the founder and President of the Water Operators Association, where he trains people on all aspect of water operation and treatment.
I filmed dozens of videos with Brett in front of a green screen presenting his training sessions, and edited them so he can offer his courses on-line.
This is a promo video for his on-line courses. 

Carlsbad Seapointe Resort Leadership Meeting

"Presence Practice"

Patrick Combs, Master Storyteller & Keynote Speaker, San Diego, CA

Patrick has given more than one thousand keynote presentations to major corporations and educational institutions. I've filmed Patrick live probably more times than I can count, and I'm always in awe.

This video is Episode 1 of 19 I recently filmed and edited.

Stand Out With Your Origin Story!

"Why Your Origin Story Matters"

Patrick Combs, Master Storyteller, San Diego, CA

Patrick is a master storyteller! He's written more than 100 Origin Stories for major VIP personalities, organizations and corporations. He partnered with Influex to create an on-line write your own origin story course, and had me film and edit six episodes. We filmed in front of a green screen with a teleprompter. This is Part 1, "Why Your Origin Story Matters".

Bridgepoint Education

"On-Line Education"

Jaime Anderson, Senior Assistant Editor, Bridgepoint Education, San Diego, CA

Bridgepoint Education is a higher education institution. They had me film and edit more than 50 staff interview "encouragement" videos like this one, to sprinkle throughout their online courses.

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