Product Videos

TUFF BUNK Boat Trailer Boards

"Benefits, Manufacturing & Installation"

Randy Ernst, President, Inventor, Pro-Tech Mats Industries, Inc., Thousand Palms, CA

Randy and I worked closely scripting his TUFF BUNK boat & jet-ski trailer videos. We had limited time to film at a lake, so I created a detailed storyboard and "shot list" to follow. I filmed handheld all the footage in just a few hours. Editing took a few days before I delivered this final video.

Beacon Chest Seal

"Applications & Application How To"

Beacon Medical LLC, Temecula, CA

Beacon Chest Seal is a life saving product.
It was important to me to co-script, film and edit this video to show how easy it is to use, and how it saves lives. I filmed everything you see on location, "handheld" and in just one hour!


"New Product Launch Promo"

David Jenkins, CEO & Founder, fizzique, LLC, Carlsbad, CA

David Jenkins won a Silver Medal at the 1972 Summer Olympics in track. He is inventor of energy products and chose me to film and edit this short social media launch video featuring his new product: fizzique. 


"New Product Launch 'How It Works' Promo"

Ben Bobo, President, CEO & Inventor, Cerenetex, Newport Beach, CA

Ben invented a migraine and tension headache screening and diagnostic tool that can provide advance warning of an upcoming migraine, to help provide the best course of action to take.
This video is one of several marketing videos I've filmed with Cerenetex.  

Danik Hook

"Product Launch 'How It Works'"

Dan Austin, Owner & Inventor, Danic Hook, Pomona, CA

Dan invented Danik Hook as an easy way to safely and easily secure any watercraft.
When I arrived at the site to film, I honestly did not know what to expect, other than Dan wanted a video to show how easy it is to use his product, and wanted me to film "on the fly" without any storyboarding.
What do you think? Did I capture and edit what Danik Hook is all about?

Kolibri Signature

"New Product for Online Sales & Social Media"

San Diego, CA. Cash management solutions.

Kolibri USA is a leading manufacturer of cash management solutions. Offering a full line of counterfeit Money detectors, bill counters and bill readers. I filmed three social media product demonstration videos with them.